EALING Eastern Mediterranean Stakeholder Workshop

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The objective of the EALING Eastern Mediterranean Stakeholder Workshop titled “EALING: Electrification in Ports and Vessels – Challenges and Sustainable Solutions in Europe” is to provide an all-round inspiring environment and a multi-disciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge and expertise on Electrification in Ports and Vessels, focusing on challenges and sustainable solutions in Europe


The EALING project has mobilized the appropriate alternative energy technology through OPS infrastructure assets to trailblaze the path towards green transition in the Maritime industry. Diesel-fueled as well as pure electric and hybrid vessels at port can be plugged-in for Cold Ironing and thus abate GHG and other air, sea, and land pollutants emissions, making the industry incredibly optimistic about the future of sustainable Maritime transport solutions. The diversity of the stakeholders (Cruise, Short-sea, Deep-sea operators and Shipping companies, Urban Waterborne Transport schemes, technical companies, and Ports to name just a few), turns the attempt to come up with an “one size fits all” solution into mission impossible.

To effectively address these issues, the A’ Session of the Workshop will be focused on presenting the challenges and solutions related to OPS adoption for a sustainable fruitful Cruise industry deep into advanced Tourism services development.

The B’ Session (Ports sustainability, Market Development, Challenges and Solutions of OPS adoption) will feature an open discussion with Ports, technical companies and other industry players concerning pros and cons about the seamless OPS adoption considering service and Business-oriented as well as administrative, financial, and technical aspects.

The Workshop will be held in-person at the Posidonia Seminar Room 2A on Tuesday 7 June, 12:45-14:30, in Athens Metropolitan Expo S.A., with a demonstration COVID certificate (vaccination or recovery).