Port of Piraeus Hosts EALING Local Stakeholder Workshop

By December 20, 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments

In December 2023, the Port of Piraeus hosted its EALING Local Stakeholder Workshop, bringing together key stakeholders and experts. The workshop encompassed various sessions, including frontal speeches and roundtable discussions, providing a comprehensive understanding of EALING. The sessions featured insightful speeches delivered by high-ranking Port representatives and Greek policy-makers.

A notable highlight of the workshop was the active engagement of several Greek EALING partners, who played a crucial role in sharing their perspectives and exchanging ideas. This collaborative effort fostered a dynamic dialogue, further enriched by the participation of another EU-funded project focused on Cold Ironing, along with various industry stakeholders present in the audience.

The EALING Local Stakeholder Workshop served as a platform for fostering collaboration and enhancing synergy among the diverse stakeholders in the industry. The event not only facilitated the sharing of best practices but also addressed implementation challenges faced by stakeholders.