EALINGWorks Valenciaport

Preparation of the electrical grid of the Port of Valencia for Onshore Power Supply

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The Action


The overall objective of EALINGWorks Valenciaport Action is to enable the OPS supply for the commercial fleet calling at the port of Valencia in order to meet the future power and energy demand. The Action will contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact of the activities of the port of Valencia through the decrease of emissions of pollutants and Greenhouse Gases (GHG) from the calls of vessels.

The action

Specific objectives

  • To upgrade the port infrastructure by constructing a new electrical substation, together with the subterranean electrical line connecting the substation to the general grid.
  • To raise awareness on the importance and benefits of Onshore Power Supply.
  • To contribute to the mitigation of the climate change impact on the operations of the infrastructure installed under this Action and in the future.

Location & Activities

Activity 1 - Subterranean electrical line connecting to the general grid
Activity 2 - High to medium voltage electrical substation OPS ready
Activity 3 - Project Management - Coordination and Communication
Activity 4 - Climate Change Impact Assessment