Best Practices exchange – EALING joins forces with Four Ports

By August 4, 2021No Comments

OPS procurement strategy and national legislation that enable or is a barrier for OPS are the key topics that will be addressed during the common workshop on OPS that will be held as hybrid event hosted by the Port of Aarhus on 10th September.

The restricted event is the first joint action for the CEF Funded projects EALING | European Flagship Action for Cold Ironing in Ports and Four Ports | ONSHORE POWER IN BALTIC SEAPORTS with the final aim to share best practices and information coming from the studies concerning the adoption of OPS in the respective geographical areas covered.

After a presentation of the state of the art from the Baltic Ports concerning the procurement strategies for OPS and the legislative national frame, an open discussion with the EALING members will follow.

The overall aim of the cooperation is to face the challenge of the electrification of maritime transport to move towards a more competitive and sustainable TEN-T Maritime Network in the future.

Find out more information about the CEF Funded Project FOUR PORTS here https://four-ports.eu/