The Online Consultation for shipping companies is set

By June 22, 2021No Comments

As part of the Activity 2 “Maritime Fleet adaptation“, EALING Action is carrying out an Online Consultation dedicated to Shipping Companies. The questionnaire has the specific objective to collect information from the shipowners/shipping companies that have/plan/study possible adaptations for OPS at ports. The consultation addresses both Technical aspects – how OPS solutions are or will be proposed from the ship point of view, collecting also statistical data on the number of ships with this option per type of traffic, key characteristics and aspects related to potential offer, average vessel turnaround times, technical solutions identified, etc. – and Specific regulatory and administrative aspects – the associated administrative procedures with classification societies, the constraints and barriers at regulatory level that sway in the adoption of this solution and building peculiarities to install OPS-ready solution at ships.

The answers collected will be analysed and the aggregated results, together with the results of the Activity 1 Online Consultation dedicated to Ports and Terminals will be the base to define the state of the art, the main challenges to be faced and opportunites to be exploited.