Webinar – Shore power in the Baltic and Mediterranean – developement & challenges

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The Webinar, organised on 11 February by BPO in cooperation with MEDports Association, was a look at the current state and future of shore power development in the Baltic and Mediterranean Sea regions with an analysis of the Baltic Sea Region as a model region for shore power implementation, as well as a close look at the Mediterranean, presenting itself as the logical next step for the development of this technology.

Port of Valencia, Port of Barcelona and Circle Group, that are part of the EALING Consortium, took part into the event. Specifically Alexio Picco, Technical manager of the project, delivered a presentation of EALING Studies as flagship initiative and Motorways of the Sea wider benefit action for the defintion of a harmonised framework for OPS in Europe taking into account operational, environmental, technical, regulatory and socio economic aspects.

The cooperation among Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, Black Sea and Atlantic Sea regions can be the path for a pan european global harmonised approach.

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