Are EU Ports ready for alternative fuels? | 10th November 2022

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EALING Project will be presented during the hybrid workshop co-organized by the ENGIMMONIA and SEANERGY Projects. Registration is required for both online and in-person participation.

EALING Project will be presented on November 10th in Malmo, Sweden, during the SEANERGY Project and the ENGIMMONIA Project joint workshop Are EU Ports ready for alternative fuels?


European Union and International Maritime Organization are strongly pushing the decarbonization of maritime sectors, setting ambitious emissions reduction targets and promoting technological R&D to enable EU vessels to be fuelled by Alternative Fuels.

Nevertheless, further to make EU vessels ready for alternative fuels, it is important to make EU ports ready as well from an infrastructure and regulatory point of view. As ports are ecosystem involving not only vessels and maritime operators, boosting their decarbonization can be the entry point to facilitate EU port cities energy transition.

Starting from ENGIMMONIA and SEANERGY EU Funded project experiences, this workshop aims to collect feedback from relevant stakeholders in order to guide next steps of EU R&D and policy making in terms of alternative fuels promotion.